VST3 and AAX files not being found on Windows

I am getting compile errors for AAX and VST3 in Visual Studio 2015 under Windows 10.

For VST3, I get the error that the file pluginterfaces/vst/vsttypes.h is not found. For AAX, I get the error that AAX_Version.h was not found.

In both cases, if I double-click on the error, I can see that it’s erroring out on those #include statements, but that none of the other AAX or VST3 files are being included, either (they have that squiggly red line under the #includes).

My Global Paths are set to the installed VST3_SDK folder and the installed AAX_SDK_2p3p1 folder (and I browsed to them to select them, to make sure I didn’t make an error copying the paths).

The build logs only show that one error (each), and don’t show the search paths being used or any other information, so I’m not sure how to proceed to find the problem. Anyone know what’s wrong here, and how to fix it? Thanks!

Never mind. A co-worker had overridden the Global Paths in the Visual Studio section of the jucer project settings.