VST3 and MIDI CC output in Ableton Live

Just wondering, what’s the state of MIDI CC in VST3/Ableton Live?

ATM with JUCE6/CMake, I’m able to output MIDI control events in Cubase using VST3, but when launching the same plugin in Ableton Live only the notes pass through. I got reports of Bitwig also presenting a similar behavior.

The VST2 version of the same plugin works perfectly.

Any help is appreciated on this issue.

Any ideas?

I think you should rather ask Ableton and Bitwig directly… Steinberg introduced at the end of 2019 in its VST3 SDK the LegacyMidiCCOutEvents method that JUCE currently uses to handle MIDI CC (and Polyphonic Aftertouch) but not all hosts have implemented it yet. Reaper and Cubase have though.

See Add support for sending Midi CCs out of VST3 plugins for more info.

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Thanks for your help! I was just wondering if I might be missing some flag that could be set somewhere in order for this to work in these hosts.