VST3 macOS copy step not updating bundle

Hi there,
when I compile a VST3 plug-in, it seems that only the bundle contents will be overwritten by the copy step and not the whole bundle. See times in the screenshot:
This leads to DAWs like Reaper not recognizing changes in the bus layout.
Workaround is to delete the file manually before building. Maybe that could be added to be automatically done before copying the bundle?

Edit to clarify: The Terminal-Document is located within the StereoEncoder.vst3 bundle, what you see in the screenshot are the search results for “StereoEncoder”.

If a folder already exists, the build system (Xcode, Visual Studio, make, etc.) won’t bother “recreating” it. That’s why the modification date doesn’t change.

You could add a prebuild step to delete the bundle, but then you might rebuild more frequently than you actually need to.