Vst3 not showing in some hosts

I suspect this is due to the new way juce builds vst3. Now that it’s placed in a folder with the manifest helper file, we are finding ableton live and FL studio fail to recognise our plug-in. Dragging the nested vst3 file out into the parent folder (as it would have been prior to this change) results in the plug-in being found.

Any input from the juce team, or anyone else here?

@Fandusss : what happens if you keep the VST3 bundle/folder structure as is but only remove the moduleinfo.json file from the Resources folder?

After building the AudioPluginDemo VST3 using the Projucer, I’m able to load it successfully on Windows 10 in both FL Studio 21.1.1 and Live 11.3.20b1. I did need to manually rescan the plugin in both hosts, though.

Do you still see the same problem after forcing a plugin rescan in these hosts?