VST's setParameterEx getParameterEx and RTAS / AU

Really 2 questions rolled into one:

  1. VST Plugins: Are there any plans to implement the extended versions of set/get Params (i.e. setParameterEx and getParameterEx)?
    I’d like to pass values outside the range 0-1 to a plugin, but I’m not sure how to do this (apart from manually scaling everything myself, which seems like a bit of a kludge)

  2. Being completely unfamiliar with RTAS ans AU plugins; Is there any equivalent to the Ex versions of VST parameters? (I suspect not, otherwise I’d guess they’d probably already exist in the wrapper, and I wouldn’t have to ask the 1st part of this question - {starts rambling} unless I’ve missed something obvious, and they are there…)

where did you see setParameterEx/getParameterEx in VST?

I never heard about that. VST3?

[quote=“mdsp”]where did you see setParameterEx/getParameterEx in VST?

Sorry, I was muddled up with the nomenclature used by the previous Vst wrapper I’d been using (delphi) - It allowed the plugin to define min/max integers, type of scaling (linear/log) to be defined - as per: [quote]\vstsdk2.4\doc\html\struct_vst_parameter_properties.html [/quote] - in my ignorance, I assumed they (get/setParemeterEx) were part of the standard.

That said it was very handy, in that you could specify what the range 0->1 really mapped to.

I just found this this - and wondered if it is what TobyBear based his implementation on (or vice-verse)

@Dub: Mmmh, as far as I remember, the VST get/setParameterEx stuff in my Delphi template was written from scratch by me - I think the C++ thing came later. Might be useful to integrate such a thing into the audio plugin part of Juce - I remember some threads about this in this JUCE forum, mainly an effort by Kraken?

Anyway, I am also coding in C++ using Juce now :slight_smile:




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Blimey! Welcome to the world of Juce, tobybear!

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Thanks :smiley:
To me, it’s one of the most mature and well thought out libraries available - great job, Jules! Been using it for about a year in private projects and plan to do some cool audio stuff with it next year…




crumbs indeed, welcome tobybear! back when i was trying to get into programming VSTs i always looked up like a child below the cookie jar at the delphi template stuff with respect [but disappointment that it wasn’t in my chosen language] - then the C++ version was still a bit beyond my grasp when i found it! :slight_smile: you’ve certainly always had my respect for your contributions to the dev community, it’s nice to get the chance to pass that on.

sorry for continuing a thread derailment!

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[quote=“tobybear”]@Dub: Mmmh, as far as I remember, the VST get/setParameterEx stuff in my Delphi template was written from scratch by me - I think the C++ thing came later. …

Doh! So sorry, Toby, mate :oops: - I didn’t mean to insinuate anything (… at least I had the presence of mind to add “or vice-verse” at the end, phew).

My unending respects, too - (and I still owe you that beer from MusicMesse '05! :smiley: ) - I couldn’t have done what I was doing with out you and your stuff. Kudos.

Anyhoo, I’m glad you’re here now - hope you’ll be here regularly.

{Secretly, I’m quite pleased to have played my part in coaxing you over to the DarkSide / C++ :twisted: }