Warning with the last JUCE on Visual Studio 2015

Hello guys !

So finally I have decided to give a try to Visual Studio 2015 Community. I have been able to export my projects to the right format, after having downloaded the last version of JUCE, and everything works fine.

However, I have a new warning during link (Release configuration, last Visual Studio 2015 Community, last JUCE tip, x64, Windows 8.1, on a simple audio plug-in project) :

c:\sdk\juce3\modules\juce_audio_basics\sources\juce_bufferingaudiosource.cpp(50): warning C4722: 'juce::BufferingAudioSource::~BufferingAudioSource': destructor never returns, potential memory leak

I don't know if I should care or not...

Thanks in advance !

That's a really odd place to get a warning, it must be related to what you're doing with the class, otherwise it'd cause the same problem in all other projects, and we've not seen it here. What's the context where you're calling the destructor?

Hello Jules !

Well, I don't use this class at all. I guess it might be related with something in the plug-in wrappers.

I have just tried to compile the JUCE demo plug-in in Visual Studio 2015 (Release x64 Windows 8.1). I get the same warning at the link stage.

Very strange. Could be a MSVC compiler glitch, but can't see why it'd choose to complain about that particular function. We'll dig around at some point and see if we can figure out what's going on.

Thanks !