WebBrowserComponent bug - iOS AUv3 - and work-around

Hi JUCE devs!

Using the WebBrowserComponent… if running from iOS AUv3 (!), then any .css files etc. in sub-folders aren’t picked-up. NB this all works fine for macOS AUv3 and iOS/macOS apps.

The solution is to pass the parent bundle folder URL from which the resources are loaded, as the final argument to appendParametersToFileURL. I guess as a general solution, the JUCE library could just construct a parent folder at sufficiently high level about the main nsUrl value.

if (NSURL* nsUrl = [NSURL fileURLWithPath: juceStringToNS (file.getFullPathName())]) {
    NSURL* loadFromFolderURL = [[NSBundle bundleWithIdentifier:@"mybundleid"] resourceURL];
    //NSURL* loadFromFolderURL = nsUrl;
    [webView.get() loadFileURL: appendParametersToFileURL (url, nsUrl) allowingReadAccessToURL: loadFromFolderURL];

Hoping this helps!