WebPlugin : current status

Hello (again) : 

Just a few question about the status of the web plugin :

* Is it working on OSx ( latest version of the OS )

* Is there anyway for JUCE to support windowless plugin ?


Well, I've been concentrating on other priorites, and the direction that browsers are heading is definitely becoming more and more hostile and unfavourable to native plugins. When all of the 64-bit OSX browsers began sandboxing their plugins into a child process and not allowing native views to be embedded in their windows, that completely screwed the juce implementation, and a workaround would be very time-consuming to implement.. Actually, a windowless plugin should be the only thing that does work in the newer browsers!

Arg :( I get the feeling that soon we will be force to do stuff in javascript :/.

Ho well, we will see. Thanks for the reply anyway :).