Which Linux profiler (preferably with GUI) to use?

Hi Jucers,

I have nearly zero experience with profilers, just played a bit with the Mac OS instruments profiler some time ago (which was quite self-explaining). Now I built a prototype for an application that runs on Linux and it runs quite well, but I got asked for some more detailed performance analysis. As I need those results relatively soon I need a not too complicated profiler for Ubuntu, preferably with a user friendly GUI.

Anyone out there with a good suggestion?

Without a fancy GUI < https://perf.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Main_Page >.

TBH i mostly profile on macOS and use tools above only if required.


While searching on my own I also found Intel VTune, which costs a bit but seems to have features comparable or even superior to the Xcode profiler. I loaded the trial version and got a quite detailed overview in a relatively short time, which gave me the requested information.

But although it is a really nice tool I don’t think I need it that often so that it would be worth buying it, so I’ll have a look at perf too - thank you for the suggestion!