Which might be a minor bug in Introjucer?

Hi jules,

When using introjucer to create a RTAS plugin project.

I found that in vs2010, it’s always missing an include “…\whatever\PT_80_SDK\AlturaPorts\TDMPlugins\common\Macros”, which I need to add this path manually.

and also, the JucePlugin_AAXLibs_path in preprocessor section, is always 2 levels different from where it should be. Like in my case, it should be JucePlugin_AAXLibs_path="…\…\…\lib\AAX\Libs", but it was JucePlugin_AAXLibs_path="…\lib\AAX\Libs" before I fix it manually. Strangely, the RTAS counterpart JucePlugin_WinBag_path=“whatever\PT_80_SDK\WinBag” is always correct…


Ok, thanks, I’ll sort that out…