What version of RTAS does the Introjucer work with?


I was using the Introjucer to set-up a project the last few days, and I kept getting an error when compiling the RTAS code using the SDK from ProTools 9 about XCode not being able to find the file: EntrypointMacros.h

I made one of the include directories recursive and that fixed the problem, but I was wondering what version of RTAS the Introjucer is set-up to work with. I also tried using the ProTools 8 SDK with the bug fix patch but I had the same error.

The Introjucer is really awesome by the way! I’ve been using Juce for a while now, and I never realized what it does… Perhaps, another name for the app might make that a bit more self-evident…


The last RTAS SDK I’ve used was 8.0, I never moved up to 9.0.

I kind of like the “introjucer” name! Couldn’t think of anything better, anyway!


Well, if you did want to make the Introjucer work out of the box with the later RTAS SDK’s, I think you’d only have to set this directory as a recursively searched directory “AlturaPorts/TDMPlugIns/common” just as you had done for a few other directories…


Ok, thanks, I’ll do that!