Who wants to build my ObliqueVST on mac?

really really basic plugin, only took an hour or two to write, but it’s had a good reception. does anyone who happily builds with juceAudioPlugin on a mac fancy compiling this plugin so mac users can use it?

ObliqueVST source

Also, there’s this hacked together editor app to build decks… (sorry for the messy state of this code)
ObliqueDecker source

many thanks if someone fancies building it!

no takers, huh?

how about for TrackPAD3? it’s still only a preview thing atm and i’d like to tidy up some of the code before i give it out (don’t want to embarass myself! :hihi: ) but i’d like to know if there are any takers for the task!

I can give ObliqueVST a try since I liked a Visual Basic version I had once…then we can try the other one

EDIT when you asked in the first time I didn’t know what it does but now I got KVR notification about it…

if you make a copy of the demo project that comes with the juceaudioplugin framework, replace the files in the src directory with those in the zip, and make sure they’re included in the project, it should (fingers crossed) build okay

I compiled the deck editor first and it works without a change. But I need a deck to test it, where can I find one?

BTW for my use of Oblique I found another option


but you need a Mac for that…

Ok, I found the decks in Windows VST download, tested the editor and all seems ok, GUI, load and save. Now I will do the plugin…

hey, thanks a lot :smiley:

OK, done, here are the links to the Mac versions (in Mac compressed disk image format):

The VST, Deck editor and decks


The source code + Mac XCode projects + information property files + Icons


I have lot of spare bandwidth so you can let people download it from here if you want. I guess you should let someone with a Mac give it a try and then post it on KVR. We can do the AudioUnit version when Jules wil finish the AU wrapper.

crumbs, sorry i don’t know how i didn’t miss your reply! :-o

really big thanks for building this for me. i appreciate it!

perhaps you’d be able to build some of my other plugins too when you have some time available? TrackPAD3 is proving popular for PC users, and it’d be good for mac users to be able to use it too. It’s still in development, but the current version is fully working.

I’ll put your build of ObliqueVST on my website too when i get the chance in the next few days.

Many thanks again.

no problem, it takes me now about an hour to do such a build. lets wait and see how many Mac people download the ObliqueVST (after a KVR notification about it) and if the number is high enough we can do the other plugs.