Why no Getting Started with iOS tutorial?

The Getting Started with Android is great. I have never created an iOS app so a tutorial would be great.

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Hi bobmanc,

Glad the Android tutorial was helpful! Make sure you also take a look at Timur’s post here:

Getting started on iOS should be pretty painless (zero pain) compared to Android (where getting the tools installed correctly is not entirely trivial). With iOS you should simply be able to add iOS as an export target in the Projucer, fire it up in Xcode, then Build & Run.

There is one useful modification to the standard Main.cpp file that the Projucer generates for mobile platforms in general. This is to avoid showing desktop-style windows on mobile:

    //... [snip]
    class MainWindow    : public DocumentWindow
        MainWindow (String name)  : DocumentWindow (name,
            setUsingNativeTitleBar (true);
            setResizable (true, false);
            setContentOwned (createMainContentComponent(), false);
           #if JUCE_IOS || JUCE_ANDROID
            setFullScreen (true);
            centreWithSize (480, 640);
            setVisible (true);
        // [snip]...

Thanks. I will give it a try.