Win 7 vs Win 10 with Juce v5.1.1

Hi Guys

I am still exploring what’s possible with the dev samples, before choosing Juce as a library.

My principle dev system here is Win7 x64 SP1, which has VS2013 andVS2017, powershell v5 installed. I have a second machine which is a live performance box, which is Win10x64, and also has VS2017 installed. The machines have almost identical VST installs, so plugins are installed in both PCs.

Interestingly, loading up the Audio Host sample, building from Projucer, and pathing SDK VST3 in, but making no other adjustments I get a different plugin scan result.

On the Win10 box, (aside from Ivory running and hiding in a corner somewhere because there is a debugger running about in a Halloween outfit), all is fairly good, it’s really slow (try 20minutes), but eventually I get a nice list of the 400 or so installed plugins in the list.

On the Win7 box, I get… just 4. Some effects by Slate. No synths at all.

Any clues as to where to look? Absolutely no code changes have been made, so guessing it must be config or something. But I am not attempting anything clever here am I? Just file i/o, VST3_SDK is the same (latest) version. I’d rather carry out development on the Win7/VS2017 box rather than the live show box if possible, as that clearly has the potential to introduce issues I don’t want.

I cannot believe Juce won’t run on Win7 SP1 for basic stuff like a scan of the folder structure. So, any help appreciated - it’s very early days, so please go slow. Thanks in advance.

Is there anything different about the Slate effects? Are they perhaps installed in two locations?

Not as far as I know, Tom.

The folder structure descends from C:/Program Files (x86)/VSTPlugins… into /Synths or /Effects… (largely because Sony’s s/w hates scanning synths so I separated them a long while back) and with each of those into / and within those the .dlls.

Tell me it SHOULD be able to run on Win7x64 SP1. Right? It’s not some basic incompatibility I am fighting here?

Yes, it should be working on Win7.

One thing that jumps out is Program Files (x86) - this is typically where 32 bit plug-ins get installed, but your system is 64 bit…

DOH! I am being an idiot here. It works consderably better if I scan x64 plugins folder…

[Edit] thanks Tom - spotted the same error pretty much as soon as I typed it in.