Window control font resolution


I have created a little window app for myself as I work through the JUCE book. One of the things I wanted to ask about was font resolution. I've noticed that when I create buttons and put text in them, the font resolution seems to be not as sharp and crisp as other windows apps. It got me wondering if I'm not doing something correctly. 

As an example, I've attached an image which shows a small portion of my JUCE window app, with Visual Studio in the background.  With Visual Studio, you can see that the font and what not is very crisp where the JUCE window and font seems to render in a much lower res.

Thanks for any feedback!


Questions like this seem to pop up quite a bit. Any of these threads help:


Thanks Rory...
I read through the six page topic. 95% of that went over my head. I've never delth with this issue before. 95% of my GUI development work involved using the Microsoft platform and C#. Either web or desktop apps and for some reason, was never an issue. Perhaps it was because all font sizes were static.  Thus, never had the need to understand how fonts are rendered.

At this point in my re-reamping of C++, I'm not too interested in scaleable sized controls and what not, just static sized controls.  Or if they do grow, it would only be in respect to the size of a combo box and how it resizes to match the screen with... That kind of thing.   But things like buttons getting bigger as the screen resizes?  Na, not something I'm really looking at yet.  Not sure what I plan on doing would even involve the need for that kind of requirement.

For now, I'm just interested in placing text on a button and having it look crisp.

Sorry, double post.

There are technical and philosophical reasons for this (unfortunately). 

The Juce platform does not support (important) things like user expectation and platform consistency (again from the user's perspective).

I really like and support JUCE, but for me and my purposes this is a serious downside, whatever Jules will say - again not hard feelings Jules, I really dig JUCE.

You will have to go to quite some hoops to make native looking, commercial plugins using JUCE.

But it is portable and solid code and gives you several plugin formats, single sourced. There is no other framework that comes close. You can check out WDL/OL, but you will soon find out that it is not as active at all as JUCE.

Just go ahead and at one moment you will find ways to get around this issue.

Tip: when drawing lines, add 0.5f to the point values to get sharp lines. And old paradigm issue: are points on or between pixels?

This does not apply to drawRect, which stil puzzles me.

To close: dive in, get some fish slaps, and you will start to like JUCE sooner or later :-)


Thanks Peter... I'm not too worried about it right now. Not sure how long it would be before I ever tried to create anything commercial anyway. More than likely anything I do near tearm will be for my own interests...