XCode15 build targeting 0S 10.13 won't even launch in 10.15 (fine on Monterey upwards)

I built my latest plugin versions with XCode15/Sonoma and JUCE 7.03 targeting Mac OS version 10.13 (this is the minimum version in XCode15 - and I confirmed this setting in the XCode projects), but I have a customer on OS 10.15 (Intel Mac pro laptop) who was was not even able to launch the standalone build. First discovered this issue with the AU version not opening even for Audio Unit validation in Logic, yet and after downgrade to my prior release built in XCode14 (min OS 10.11) it’s launching fine (and the plugin version too).

So - I’m just wondering if anybody has experienced the same, and what might be the issue?

My assumption is there is something in the build generated by Xcode15 that still requires a higher OS version than 10.13 - but I’m not using any special libraries - just JUCE/XCode and the same code base used with my prior builds with XCode 14 (outside of a couple of minor bug fixes).

Unfortunately my minimum OS Mac is on OS Monterey 12.x - so I don’t have an easy way to test, but not sure I’d even get much information from the failed app launches.

I realise this being from a sample of just one user, it could possibly not be related to a min OS version thing in XCode. Maybe there’s just something weird on his particular system that doesn’t like the XCode15/Sonoma generated application - I can’t think what it could be though… the installer and app permissions on install remain the same. The only other new thing is I signed/notarized the builds in Sonoma vs the prior OS I used for a release build/signing/notarization which was Monterey.

Here’s the error message seen in Logic:

Possibly the following thread holds an answer:

and yes - maybe I should use the latest Projucer version for building with Xcode15… it all seemed to be fine until this issue though.

This sounds similar to an issue reported here:

Perhaps it’s worth trying out the Xcode 15.1 beta to see whether things are fixed there.

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