A word of thanks

Since I’ve recently posted here a number of times grousing about various things (although not Juce itself, I think) I just want to take a moment to thank Jules and everyone else who has worked on this toolkit.

As a Java developer with no C++ experience, I am delighted with the way that Juce leverages the advantages of C++, while simultaneously isolating the programmer from so much of the nasty low-level nitty gritty For instance, so far I have had to learn surprisingly little about pointers beyond ‘use them the way Jules suggests’…

I was worried when I started out, and indeed there is a lot that is different, but it’s been quite painless. I think the trickiest part has been teasing out what parts of C++ are relevant to Juce and what should be avoided. But the newer (post '11) introductions to the language seem to be more relevant.

I have been able to get a fairly complex test application up and running much more quickly than I expected, thanks to the thorough documentation and plethora of convenience methods in the Juce base classes.

So… thanks all!