ADC 2021

Is JUCE still involved with ADC? Haven’t seen a 2021 announcement or anything like that on the forum.


here’s the homepage

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I was trying to figure our from the website how much tickets cost and how to book them, has anyone find out how to do that?

We’re hoping to get tickets sales up and running tomorrow

with the main sponsor Roli Ltd in ‘administration’, will this affect ADC or stop it from going ahead?

ADC, along with JUCE, has been backed by PACE since April 2020 and, although ROLI was listed as a gold sponsor for both this year and last, ROLI has not actually contributed anything to the conference. So, thankfully, it makes no difference whatsoever.


Does that mean we can be listed as gold sponsors, too :laughing:


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Did it not contribute some of their staff’s time? Probably worth more than sponsorship money. I think that counts as ‘gold’ sponsorship. Are people from Luminary involved in the same capacity?

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Not for 2020 or 2021. The ongoing sponsorship was part of the acquisition agreement.

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Even something like Roli’s staff attending the event isn’t counting as a contribution of time? Jules speaks at every event, doesn’t he? I used to have to go searching for budget to support my attendance at conferences and technical events when I worked for a big company, any hours beyond the day’s allowable overheads that were not booked to a paying client’s job were seen as a business cost that needed me to go beg/steal/borrow hours/money to support so I had a justifiable line on my timesheet and demonstrate it was worth my firm’s while for me to be there in the long run. We all had to pull our weight with slim margins, and it was closely monitored. Absolutely suffocating stuff. I guess not quite the way things are in a VC funded business. We didn’t get any free fruit either.

We also had no ROLI staff support last year, and we were not anticipating any this year, so we really are unaffected by ROLI’s plight.

Providing a keynote or other high-profile talk slot is a substantial advertising benefit. This is what most of our higher tier sponsors are interested in.


I know Pace doesn’t exactly have everybody in this scene as a fan or client, but I was really pleased to see Juce move hands recently. I was exceptionally nervy about something which so many businesses rely on being owned by a company funded by VC and it was really the only major negative for the framework as I saw it, purely because so many VC backed firms are seen as high-risk investment vehicles that may or may not meet their targets then do a short notice priority pivot which is exactly what’s just happened as so often does. The long-term future of a framework like Juce could easily have been severely affected by the collateral damage of restructuring during acquisition. It’s good to see the new owners are supporting it as well or better than ever, things like ADC could easily have been lost along the way.

Hopefully people can actually travel to the venue. Can we get around most of the travel restrictions by saying “it’s for work, honest” at the Heathrow and Gatwick immigration desks?


There is a section regards “conferences” in this document : Coronavirus (COVID-19): jobs that qualify for travel exemptions - GOV.UK

More information about entering England here : Travel to England from another country during coronavirus (COVID-19) - GOV.UK

No idea though what the hell is allowed or not or what you’re required to do, always find pages a little confusing :smiley:

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And what will be allowed or not in November! Two months equal decades nowadays.


I really miss having coffee while discussing the horrors of using raw pointers with you guys!
Hopefully we’ll be able to meet in-person this year.


Hey there,

I’m thinking about attending this years ADC. In Germany – if you have recovered from covid – you are considered to be fully vaccinated with only one shot. No I found out that this is not the same in the UK. I know that I can enter UK (Germany is on some green list or so) – but would I even be able to enter ADC “unvaccinated”? Anyone here who knows the current rules?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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The ADC rules are the same as the UK government rules. I’m reluctant to post anything definitive here as it might get outdated, but you can find a very brief summary on the ADC travel page: Travel - The Audio Developer Conference

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Why not just clearly set out your own high standards well in advance and not be blown around by the UK government’s capricious rules and the various differing approaches from the home governments of those travelling from abroad?

It would be pretty easy to require that attendees show evidence of double-vaccination or proof of a recent PCR test, as far as I can see ADC requires neither and just makes a flimsy suggestion to get tested which people may not may not choose to do. As @DavidHill illustrates, there are various quite legitimate local rules that are going to be hard to judge on the door, but if people know in advance what is required they can make proper arrangements in advance to accommodate your firm requirements (and they can check with you in advance if there is any uncertainty). The stronger you make your position, the less likely you are to be affected by strengthening of travel rules or other Covid impositions here or abroad.

Personally I’ve written off ADC this year because of the weak Covid stance communicated in the announcement email and confirmed here by simply deferring responsibility to the government guide which we know is quite complex and prone to change without much notice. Attending an indoor event like this in England in the winter without knowing the organisers have done their best to ensure people sat next to me for hours are properly vaccinated or robustly and recently tested is simply not something I am feeling very comfortable about doing.

I hope this post doesn’t elicit the kind of vax-vs-antivax tribal nonsense it would on social media, I’m very sorry if it does but I think this community is probably above that sort of thing and able to discuss the topic candidly and reasonably.