Agile Tools

What kind of "Agile tool" do you use in general for your projects? (if you use one)

I've seen over the web a lot of web based solutions with no privacy when free...

I'm looking for a simple free tool to create (at minimum) user stories and tasks, I'm on mac/Xcode.

And yes not especially web based solution :)

Trac ... it's not specifically for agile.  But it's bloody easy to install and just does basic ticketing.  It also comes with a wiki, svn integration and a few other things.  See for a mega-easy way of using it.  It's web browser based, but on a server of your choice.

Interesting and I can use it locally thx :)

Pitty that there is nothing integrated in Xcode like in eclipse or microsoft visual studio.

A few years ago I used for one project. It had better git integration compared to Trac back then.

Later I used because I prefered it's non centralized nature (it will be included in your git repository).

Nowadays I simply use two text files. openIssues.rst and closedIssues.rst. Works great and matches your personal needs perfectly ;).
(For example, I always include a time estimate to each open issue and add the measured time, once it is done. Helped improving my estimates quite a lot.)


The agile tools suite provided by TFS is interesting too and free for team having less than 5 member.

GitLab might be of interest to you. Seems to get some traction lately:

You can host it on your own server for free. They claim it works nicely with other tools like (

Depending on your needs, Taiga might even be all you need.

(I don't have experience with those tools)