All-new demo app!

Hello folks - I'd just like to announce that the all-new juce demo is now available in the repository..

The old one was ready for retirement, and this new version has a much broader range of sample code, as well as just being a bit more sprightly. It's also designed to make it much easier to add new demo pages, as each page is entirely self-contained and self-registering.

Many thanks to Dave Rowland who helped with much of the hacking - there was a heck of a lot of typing and testing involved in building it!

Have fun!

Oh, and one thing to note: by default, demos for things like cameras, QuickTime, ASIO, etc are disabled by default, because it's important for the demo to compile out-of-the-box on a lowest-common-denominator system where these headers might not be installed. If you want to explore those things, you can just enable all the flags in the introjucer project to get all the missing demos.