App store rejection for section 2.3?

is anyone else getting this on ios? i’m on juce 6 and i’ve tried with both xcode 13.4.1 and xcode 14.0. the message from the review team says:

Your app or its metadata contains references to a pre-release version of Apple software, products, or hardware. Apps with compatibility references to a pre-release candidate version of an Apple operating system or pre-released Apple products or hardware are not in compliance with the Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

i’m not explicitly referencing anything os-wise so i’m guessing is either an xcode issue or a juce issue. i did update juce to the last pre-v7 commit (VST3 Client: Allow host to enable/disable buses at will · juce-framework/JUCE@0e85fec · GitHub) since the last time i submitted to the app store so i’m digging through those changes but i wanted to raise this up on the off chance someone else has seen and/or resolved this.

i do also remember this occurring before with new versions of xcode which is why i tried rolling back to 13.x but the issue still remained.

Did you download the Xcode 14 beta? If yes, then your macOS SDK will be marked as a pre-release SDK and you will not be able to submit apps to the app store. Delete xcode and then re-install the current non-beta version.

i tried this, both with xcode 13.4.1 and 14 (downloaded from the developer page) as well as with 14 installed from the app store. still no luck, still the same canned reply from apple.