AU doesn't build with latest XCode 9.0 beta (6)


Latest JUCE master doesn’t build with XCode 9.0 beta 6.
Getting errors about undeclared identifiers verify_noerr and verify in carbon-related files ( specifically in AUCarbonViewBase.cpp, AUCarbonViewControl.cpp, CarbonEventHandler.cpp)


same for me… but XCode finally has C++ refactoring, which is awesome!

None of us have XCode 9 beta installed yet. Is it an easy fix?

Seems it should be easy, these macros are still available in AssertMacros.h, so looks like some missing include issue.



(I’m very new to Juce, trying to do my first Juce project.)
Just my 2 cents to the thread:
I got the same issue using Xcode 9 and Juce v 5.1.1.
I found this post which says it’s fixed.
So I downloaded Juce v 5.1.2 (sept 19, 2017), but got the same error, even after quitting Xcode.
Then I tried to clean the project (cmd-shift-K) and rebuild it (cmd-B) and everything worked fine! :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!

I’m still using Juce 4.3.1, and ran into this error. Those changes shown in the commit worked perfectly!