New build errors with JUCE project on Xcode

We’ve just started getting some odd build errors in Xcode with a JUCE project that was compiling fine a few days ago. I wonder if something has been updated in Xcode?

Initially we were getting errors coming from a dependency library’s include of random.h with errors like:

No template named ‘is_convertible’; did you mean ‘::std::is_convertible’?

Realising the random.h was not being used I removed it. And subsequently got the above errors from juce::AudioDataConverters

Any clues?


just updated to latest xcode and all good here

Bumping this in case anyone has any clues.

Three of us are seeing this same error, in Xcode 13 and 14, with JUCE 7.02 and most recent develop branch.

It seems to be only one particular project that has this issue.

JUCE team - I can send it over in a zip if that helps?


So it turns out the issue was my fault. I’d accidentally deleted a closing namespace bracket in a recent commit, within one of our custom JUCE modules. Which built fine initially, but then broke upon rebuilding the project.

Sorry for the alarm JUCE team, and thanks for the offer of help @attila .


man, those closing braces can be a killer to track down sometimes!

Yep, one of the joys of curly-brace languages :sweat_smile: