AU on XCode 10: ResMerger Error

We updated from XCode 9 to XCode 10 and now the AU build target produces this error (VST2&3, Standalone and AUv3 are fine):

file <inputFile>: 
### /Applications/ - ERROR: errFSBadFSRef

where <inputFile> = <myProjectBuildDir>/Builds/MacOSX/Build/Intermediates.noindex/<myProjectName>.build/Debug/<myProjectName> -<myBinaryName>.rsrc

Turns out, the input file <inputFile> does not exist. I can’t see what we could have done wrong here, so it seems like a wrong XCode Project configuration or maybe an internal XCode error. With XCode 9 on High Sierra it works perfectly fine.

Has anyone seen this?


  • Xcode 10.3
  • Mojave
  • JUCE 5.4.3 and JUCE 5.4.4 (others not tested)

To be clear: This happens after creating a new audio plugin project and selecting AU as the desired plugin format. No other changes were made to the code generated by Projucer.

Could someone try to reproduce this error on their system?

Here’s what creates the error on our systems:

  1. Open Projucer (JUCE 5.4.4)
  2. Create a new plugin project, choose AU as the target
  3. Open in XCode and compile