AU plugin not being recognized with Juce 1.5

I just compiled the example Mac plugin I have a JuceDemoPlugin.component however it is not showing in Aulab, logic Pro or Live . AUval -a does not see it however it compiled fine.

Also, what is JuceDemoPlugin.component.dSYM created and where is the plugin’s .exp file? Thanks for any help!

No such problems here, so not sure what to suggest…

.dSYM is just the debugging info, and why do you want an .exp file? It’s not needed!

Thanks jules, after compile the JuceDemoplugin.component is placed in the plugin componenets folder automatically is this the correct one or do I need to replace it with the one in the release directory?

I also had to delete PluginLibrary.xcodeproj from the project as I don’t need RTAS and it was giving errors before the delete

Also, I am not changing anything else, I am compiling the demo plugin as it is, target is OS 10.5, release mode.

Do i need to modify the info.plist in any way? The Bundle OS Type code is TDMw, is it right?

Thanks again for any help.

Did you have a look through the how-to file about building plugins? Most of this stuff is covered there, I think, and something in there might be a useful hint.

Ok got it, thanks, working now

I also cant get the AU to be visible by the Plugin Host. I use the the JuceDemoPlugin and I build it as it is, with removing PluginLibrary.xcodeproj. I checked the HowTo file but I cant see the hint.


I’ve also occasionally seen problems with the plugin not being recognised properly (and showing up in finder as a normal folder instead of a component), but have never figured out why. Seems to be something to do with the OS not realising that it’s a component, but it seems to magically fix itself if you delete or copy it, and kick the OS into rescanning it.