Audio Effect Book With JUCE Code Examples

Hello JUCE community,

I'm new here (and new to JUCE) and I have to say, JUCE is a real pleasure to work with and the amount of information on this forum is just awesome. Anyways, I found this book called Audio Effects: Theory, Implementation, and Application that uses JUCE in it's example code. I haven't actually read the book so I can't say how good it is, but I've just started studying the code examples for the book. It has examples of all kind of audio effects. I thought it might help some of y'all, especially the newcomers like me. 

Here's link to the book:

Here's link to the code example repository:


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Thanks Jordan!

No problem! I'm happy to contribute. And thank you for JUCE! It's good to get away from those boring console apps and actually see/hear my results. :) The best thing is that it's pretty easy to learn after studying C++ for a while. I'm looking forward to figuring out these examples I posted. The audio is the one part I'm just not getting the hang of. I'm sure once I figure it out i'll be making cool things. I have a huge collection of algorithms in Reaktor that I want to bring over in C++ and JUCE.

thanks for the link!

Hi Jordan - I’m wondering if you did ever wind up reading this book. It has only one (positive, but not helpful) review on Amazon, and I’m not finding reviews elsewhere by googling.

My own review from more than a year ago:

Thank you for sharing your insights!