Audio Effect Book With JUCE Code Examples


Hello JUCE community,

I'm new here (and new to JUCE) and I have to say, JUCE is a real pleasure to work with and the amount of information on this forum is just awesome. Anyways, I found this book called Audio Effects: Theory, Implementation, and Application that uses JUCE in it's example code. I haven't actually read the book so I can't say how good it is, but I've just started studying the code examples for the book. It has examples of all kind of audio effects. I thought it might help some of y'all, especially the newcomers like me. 

Here's link to the book:

Here's link to the code example repository:



Thanks Jordan!


No problem! I'm happy to contribute. And thank you for JUCE! It's good to get away from those boring console apps and actually see/hear my results. :) The best thing is that it's pretty easy to learn after studying C++ for a while. I'm looking forward to figuring out these examples I posted. The audio is the one part I'm just not getting the hang of. I'm sure once I figure it out i'll be making cool things. I have a huge collection of algorithms in Reaktor that I want to bring over in C++ and JUCE.


thanks for the link!