Audio plugin on xcode questions


I’m having a few issues switching to using xcode. all im interested in at the moment is vst, ive got introjucer running, i can select the vst sdk folder and compile a test project, so i just have these 2 questions.

  1. after compiling, all im seeing is a .component file, shouldnt there be a .vst? i set up a program called vst shell as a new custom executable, which wont load this .component (i thought that was an audio unit anyway)
  2. after i set the vst sdk folder in JUCE there is no trace of it in the xcode project settings, i had imagined to see it in header search paths, is it hidden in some list file?

edit: i found a readme in the audio plugin demo folder, it says i need to rename the .component to .vst and it works. how can i debug the project though?