AutoJucer: Automatically update projects when .jucer file changes

I’ve stopped checking my VisualStudio/Xcode projects into source control. Now I just check in the jucer file. This is a little annoying since every time I pull or switch branches the projects get out of date. So I made this little tool that watches the .jucer file and whenever it changes, it automatically resaves the projects.


  • Add the path to your Projucer
  • Add the paths to your jucer files you want watched
  • Add AutoJucer to your startup group so it always running
  • Close the Window and it continues running in the tray
  • Enjoy your projects never being out of date.

Mac -
Windows -


Wow, this is really cool!

Glad to hear at least 1 person is using it, I have a few updates planned.

  • Don’t resave it Projucer is foreground app, will stop double resaves if using projucer
  • Resave on un-pause if needed
  • Manual resave from context menu