Automapping Plugins (Maschine, Komplete Kontrol, etc.)

Do any of y'all try to optimize your plugins so they'll automatically map to hardware like Native Instrument's Maschine? Komplete Kontrol is going to allow 3rd party plugin support soon, so that'll be another piece of hardware to optimize plugins for. I find that a huge majority of producers are using Maschine now and it's important to make things map out in a clean, useful way. I'm new to JUCE and making plugins (I've always used Reaktor to make instruments/effects) so I have no idea how you'd make them map to Maschine, but I'm curious if any of y'all know how.

NI actually announced what they're calling NKS (Native Kontrol Standard), which is a framework to allow plugin developers to integrate their products at the same deep level that Komplete Instruments allow. I think this is will be awesome because, as said before, I think the mapping of parameters is extremely important. Being able to control instruments/effects from the controller in an intuitive way is much better than clicking and dragging in a lot of cases. Everyone loves that hardware feel. It actually claims to do more than just give parameter mapping, but also give's browser support (for presets and what not), and a few other things.

I wonder if this new framework will be easily integrated into the JUCE framework. Maybe the people working on JUCE should consider this for the future?

Check out this article that discusses NKS in a little detail. It was just announced recently so I'm sure we'll see more on in soon.


It says that NKS is going to allow integration with Komplete Kontrol, but I'm sure they'll be doing the same thing for Maschine. It does the automapping the same way Komplete Kontrol does and has a very similar browser.

We got also a requests about this. Some 3rd party companies already support this. Did someone managed to integrate this in JCUE? Where can i find more information about this?

Yes, I got it working by adding a couple of methods to the AudioProcessor class that talk to the VST Wrapper. But I guess it can’t go into JUCE as standard because of NDAs - then we rather need a generic way to read/write VST vendorSpecific data from AudioProcessor (see also Forward unhandled VST vendorSpecific() calls to AudioProcessor?)

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