Beginner question on linking libraries on OSX with the Introjucer


I've used Juce for years on windows, but I'm a complete beginner on mac:

I'm trying to build code which uses this library:

But xcode gives me an error, that it cannot fint the file <b64.h> (or <b64/b64.h>).

On windows I use this:, but I'm not sure what I should do on mac: is b64 included on osx already (as was the case with openssl), or should I link this b64? And if the second, how do I go about doing this on OSX with the introjucer?

Of course I do accept RTFM as an answer in case this is a stupid question :D Where would I go about learning about this new platform in that case? xCode manual?




it’s been a long time, but I’ll give it a shot anyways:

within this library you’re talking about already is a b64.h (AquaticPrime/Source/STL/b64/b64.h). I think you have to add AquaticPrime/Source/STL to your header search paths in the projucer / introjucer.

(I’m not actually using this library, just wanted to illustrate the point)

maybe this helps,