Building 64bit VST plugin with Xcode4.6.3

Hi, I tried the following on building 64bit VST plugin demo in Xcode4.6.3.

    - SDK&Lib version
        1) JUCE 2_0_release
        2) Xcode4.6.3 SDK10.7

    - Changing the demo source code.
        1) I delete all files of "Juce AU Wrapper" group.
        2) I change "#define JucePlugin_Build_AU" in AppConfig.h from 1 to 0.
        3) I comment out "#include "AUResources.r" in juce_AU_Resources.r.
        4) I change "#define BUILD_UI_CARBON_UI" in juce_AU_Resources.r from 1 to 0.

I was able to build VST plug in for 64bit by these changes in Xcode4.6.3.
But, I do not know whether this change is right.

I am glad if I have you tell me with some advice.

Doesn't someone know it?
Please help me.

I assume you've read this thread

Deleting all files in the Juce AU wrapper doesn't seem like a reasonable thing to do. I use Introjucer with good success to create the project files that build 32/64 bit AU/VST on Xcode 4.6.3.

Thank you for your advice.

I consider whether I can use IntroJucer to reconstitute my project(not used IntroJucer).