Can't login to the Projucer or the JUCE forum via Windows 7

I can login to the Projucer and the JUCE forum via macOS, but can’t login via Windows 7.
I have the latest updates for everything, and I’m using Google Chrome.

What do you mean by “can’t login”? Does the page load at all or do you see an error message after entering your login details?

I get a message that says “We were unable to locate an existing user with these credentials.”

I am also unable to login to Visual Studio.

I am using Windows on a Mac.

I was able to login to the forum from Mozilla Firefox on Windows 7.

OK that’s very strange. The webview on windows uses internet explorer under the hood. Can you make sure that you have installed the latest Internet Explorer (or Edge) on Windows 7?

Might be connected with [Bug report] Projucer login fail on Win7 (Internet Explorer 8) ?

@zonrobin If he is on the latest IE on Windows 7 (which is IE11) then your bug report shouldn’t be a problem.

Yes, I have the latest version of IE 11.
I might setup another computer, and try that one.

In addition to installing IE 11, you must not rename the Projucer .exe file. Also make sure that you have the correct architecture of IE installed, i.e. if you are running the 64-bit version of Projucer you also have the 64-bit version of IE 11 installed etc.

I set up another computer, and I can login on that one.
The problem might have had something to do with running Windows on a Mac via Boot Camp.

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