Code::Blocks on Windows: "export" button disabled

Since I can’t get Visual Studio and MSVC to compile my project on Windows (it builds just fine with Apple LLVM), I decided to look for an alternative toolchain.
I’ve read that Code::Blocks and MinGW seem to work pretty well for many users, so I installed Code::Blocks and MinGW and added a “Code::Blocks (Windows)” exporter in the Projucer.

However, when selecting this exporter, the “export” button with the Code::Blocks logo stays disabled. What am I missing?

I’m on the latest Projucer (v5.4.0).

What are the problems you are getting with MSVC? What version are you on?

It fails to compile some more complex template classes I’ve created:

 error C3668: 'SkewedIncrementPropertyAction<float,Vibrato::FrequencyProperty,Vibrato::FrequencyProperty *extractFrequency<extractVibrato>(const std::shared_ptr<GraphObject> &)>::hasChanges': method with override specifier 'override' did not override any base class methods (compiling source file ..\..\JuceLibraryCode\include_crispy_tuner_lib.cpp)

The overrides are definitely correct, as I said, it compiles with clang on macOS.

The value of the solution’s “Platform Toolset” setting is Visual Studio 2017 (v141).

Whatever the reason for switching to Code::Blocks is, I still need help getting the Code::Blocks exporter to work. Can someone assist me there?

You can’t launch a Code::Blocks project from the Projucer directly, instead save the project with cmd/ctrl + P and then open the .cbp project from the builds folder.

A quick forum search returns a few topics with the same answer:

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Thank you very much. I did search for Code::Blocks related forum topics, but apparently I entered the wrong keywords :slight_smile:
A tooltip in the Projucer when hovering over the icon would be most helpful!