CreateWindowEx freeze in Cubase 64-bit

We have made a VST plugin using Juce (currently using version 1.53) and are really happy with the framework!

There is one troublesome issue, though. In some situations loading our plugin into Cubase 64-bit (Windows 7) freezes. A little digging revealed that the freeze appears when creating the plugin editor window. The method CreateWindowEx(…) never returns. This only happens when reloading a Cubase project containing our plugin, not when opening our plugin in a new project. In Cubase 32-bit there is no problem.

Any clues or ideas on what could be causing this is greatly appreciated.

By the way: Could this just be a known issue with the Cubase VST bridge (not very comforting answer, I must admit)?

Yes, VST Bridge is crap. Better build a 64bit Version of your plugin.