Current dev tools and Windows SDK on Windows?


what is the advised Visual Studio version to use for building plugins in VST and AAX format? The AAX libs are normally built with vs2010 (or 2008), so should I stay on that version? Or does it all work fine with vs2013 CE as well? (just asking because I remember having all kinds of trouble with RTAS builds in the past...)

Also, is it still required to install the Windows 7.1 SDK if you want to keep supporting Win7?

What are you using today to build VST and AAX plugins? (I'm not going to keep supporting RTAS builds any longer)


For Windows, should I just move over to VS 2015?

Seeing that there are examples in the JUCE tree that only have VS 2015 builds out-of-the-box, I suppose you guys are all on VS 2015 now (probably better C++11 support there as well)?

If people are succesfully using VS 2015 CE with the AAX and VST2 / VST3 SDK's, that'd be great to hear.

VS2015 is our current favourite version here, we'd recommend it if only for the C++11 support.

Thanks for the confirmation Jules.

I take it you've also built AAX plugins with VS2015 without problems then? (I'm sure about VST and AU as Equator comes in these formats)

I don't do much AAX work myself nowadays, but I think it's compatible.

(Equator is full of C++11 so can only be built on VS2015, and we're going to be releasing an AAX of that, so if there's a problem we'll need to solve it quickly!)

VS2015 does work for both the AAX sdk and of course JUCE. Just make sure the build settings are 100% identical. If I remember correctly, some warnings need to be turned off for the AAX release builds to compile because the project comes with "treat warnings as errors" by default.

For my release builds I had to switch to VS2013 because at least for me using VS2015 (even with the v140_xp sdk) lead to .dlls (apps are fine) that refused to load on Windows XPSP3 with cryptic errors. I did not test on 2000/Vista and they might have the same problem, but Windows 7 and later are fine with VS2015. Or maybe VS2015 has fixed the problem in the meantime. It was related to some new windows compatiblity layer that's now the default.

However if that does not concern you, I highly recommend using VS2015 - it's awesome.

Windows 7.1 SDK is not necessary as far as I know. On VS2013 I just use the default SDK and the result loads on all versions of windows.

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Thanks Jules and pflugshaupt for the feedback. So VS2015 it is!

I think it's reasonable to require Windows 7 as a minimum right now (and 10.7 on OSX for that matter).

By the way: 

I've seen this before, and I didn't get any forum notifications about your helpful replies. Under my account settings, for the "Delivery of notifications", I have everything checked, except for "Digest mode", and the "Send interval" is set to "As soon as possible". I can also see that this topic is listed under my "Subscriptions", and my email address is correct, and the replies did not end up in my spam folder... However, I never received any notifications. It's a bit annoying, as I miss the replies unless I check again myself, and it also comes off as if I don't care if someone took the time to reply.

In the meantime I can also build for xp with MSVC 2015. It is described in another thread and it boils down to a new .dll initialization method in MSVC 2015 that doesn’t work on XP. If you add the /Zc:threadSafeInit- compiler flag to the MSVC 2015, dlls will load on everything starting from XP.

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