Debugging Live Build segfaults

I’m trying to use the Live Build engine to work on a UI component that is part of a library. This is super convenient because it means I can work on the UI without having to create a wrapper project for the library.
However, the JIT engine crashes with a segfault whenever a certain child component is about to update. Is there any way to debug these kinds of crashes?

No, unfortunately there’s no way to get anything more descriptive than a “Segmentation Fault” error. Does it only crash when using the live-build engine? If so, then a likely cause is that you’re accessing some global state which the component being instantiated doesn’t know about. If you’re just using the live-build to tweak components then it’s a good idea to strip the components back to just simple UI elements with no dependencies. You can use the JUCE_PROJUCER_LIVE_BUILD macro to ifdef out bits of global logic when running in the live-build engine.

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Hi Ed,
Thanks for confirming.
I’m already using that macro to set up state-related objects for the component to use. I’m now in the process of integrating it into the main project which should help me debug the issue.