Debugging release build on MacOS

Hi, it’s quite easy to debug release builds under Visual Studio - just set a flag and it’s possible to step through the app.

Anything similar for XCode that anyone knows of ? thx

App or plugin?
For a plugin, you need to select the host as the debug executable:

Are you looking for ways of setting and hitting breakpoints?


EDIT: Sorry, totally missed the ‘release’ part of your question, which made my answer completely silly

Hi, yes, that’s how the debugger works normally. But when debugging a release build - i.e. Build Configuration is Release - it never stops at breakpoints.

It could be that the code you’re trying to break at just doesn’t exist in an optimised release build.
Try reducing the optimisation setting to -O0 or -O1 first and see if you can break on them?

Make sure ‘Generate Debug Symbols’ is set to YES.

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ah, lovely - will check that out tommorow - that could well be it

Oh yeah, I forget we have that in a PJ “Custom Xcode Flags” setting:

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CMake has a RelWithDebInfo build type FYI

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Thx but I don’t use CMake