Digital Performer Crash - Probably my fault



One of my beta testers has reported a crash on Digital Performer 5.11 (so, AU plug-in on a Mac). The plug-in works fine in lots of other hosts (and it passes auval) but crashes the host as soon as it’s inserted in DP5. Unfortunately it seems that no crash logs are being created so I’m not really sure where to start debugging. I thought I’d start by asking if there are any known issues with Juce (1.51) and Digital Performer 5.11. A quick search of this forum didn’t reveal anything though, so I guess not. Anyone know otherwise?



I’m having a customer report errors in saving presets in DP. However, this might be my fault. I’ve sent the customer the JuceDemoPlugin AU, so this should help debug things.

Jules, do you have the latest Digital Performer? I have to admit I don’t own it. It is apparently the #11 DAW out there, FWIW.

Sean Costello


No, sorry… Don’t think I’ve actually ever tried it.