Juce audio plugin demo hangs or crashes Digital Performer when closing plugin window while previewing

When the Juce audio plugin demo is used in Digital Performer 9.5 (Mac or Windows), and it’s in preview mode while it’s plugin window is closed, it causes DP to hang (on Windows) or crash (on MacOS).

More details and reproduction steps here in the issue tracker:

I was following up on a report from a client from a few months ago, and had in the meantime upgraded my plugin to Juce 5.x, but apparently that didn’t fix this particular problem (it did fix a few others though ;-))

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Hmmm… Today, I also tried this “preview” functionality in DP 9.5 with one of their own MAS plugins “Auto-pan” and the same thing happened: hang on Windows10 and crash on MacOS.

I’ll log this in the issue tracker as well, and contact MOTU directly about this if I can find an email address (I need to ask them for an NFR as well for testing purposes).

For now, I would say: this seems to indicate that this is not really a Juce-related problem.

I sent you a PM


Just an update in case anyone else encounters this:
I got in contact with MOTU: they could reproduce the issue are looking into this. Will update this thread when I know more.

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