Don't use cp command after signing your AAX binaries with PACE wraptool



Just for those who work with the PACE wraptool for signing their AAX binaries:

With the latest PACE SDK (2.4) the signing is destroyed if you use a post-build script with the "cp -r" command to copy the binary to its destination folder on Mac OSX.

The PACE support answered me today with an excerpt from the release notes:  smiley


Copying must preserve symlinks

Note that part of our new dsig design includes a symlink in the signed package. This symlink is required for backwards compatibility. This is especially important for signed Pro Tools AAX plugins. If your build or install process copies plugins (or any signed bundle) without preserving the symlink, you will break the digital seal on the bundle. Please change your copy or install process as needed so that the internal symlink is preserved.

Some developers were copying signed bundles with the "cp" command. If you use the cp command, then you should provide the following options to maintain the symlink:

cp -R -H

Alternatively you could consider the "ditto" command instead of cp. The ditto command works without any extra options.


Now we use the "ditto" command instead of "cp -r" in our post-build script which was generated using the Introjucer and Pro Tools 11 is happy again. wink



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I have run into the same issue, I lost a few hours on this but at least now I know the difference between cp -r and cp -R :)