Download Or Build Introjucer


Complete noob. The read me tells me to download introjucer from source forge but I can’t find the binary on source forge. I tried building the project in Xcode, but I get the error:

/Volumes/Megadrive/Code/juce/modules/juce_core/system/juce_TargetPlatform.h:54:12: ‘CoreFoundation/CoreFoundation.h’ file not found

Where do I get this file from?

PS: C++ noob as well.


OK. Couldn’t get it to compile on Mac so I switched to VS2010 on Windows and now I’m able to build and use Introjucer.

I created a project but it didn’t create any project files etc. for VS so I can’t open the project. Also, the Open In Visual Studio menu item is greyed out so I can’t open the project.

CoreFoundation.h is the most basic OS header there is… I’ve no idea how you’d manage to install Xcode without any SDKs, but certainly nothing at all is going to build on Xcode like that. You need to just make sure Xcode installed correctly with the Apple example code before trying to build any juce projects.

Doesn’t sound like you’re using the latest version - get the latest code from GIT and try again, I’ve improved the wizard recently to help avoid n00b confusion.


For starters, I downloaded Xcode through the Apple app store 2 days ago. It gives you 0 options. All there is is an “Install” button. Once you click it, Xcode just installs and that’s that.

As for the Juce code, I downloaded 2.0 directly from Source Forge at the same time.

By wizard, you mean Introjucer right?

Anyway, I’ve decided to work in Windows because I’m more familiar with that for now. At some point in the future I’ll try to compile for Mac again.

Yeah, but like I said, you’d do better to grab the actual latest code from GIT.