Problem with my new macbook

I just bought a new macbook pro, and installed a newest Xcode on it. I then downloaded Introjucer, and then using the Introjucer to download a Juce, and use the Introjucer to generate a project, the project cannot pass the compile, and it popped up tons of errors, saying that it cannot find basic things like and . When I’m trying to compile the Juce Demo, it also thrown me hundreds of errors.

When building a helloWorld project using Xcode, it has no problem to find the and can pass the compile. Why can’t my project built by Introjucer cannot be compiled? Thanks in advance!

I’ve no idea… There’s nothing in the xcode project itself that needs to provide a path for basic stuff like that, the compiler provides those paths itself. TBH I don’t even know where the system paths are set…