Doxygen and runModalLoop()

I’m looking at AlertWindow here:

which has help references to runModalLoop(), but I don’t see that method anywhere. Looking through the code, I finally found it in Component, with a #if around it which I guess is why Doxygen failed to document it.

This leads me to something I’ve been trying without success: what is the trick to getting doxygen to run through the JUCE codebase correctly? I’ve been trying with Doxygen v1.8.1.2 but the .h files #including the .cpp files seems to really confuse doxygen, and it fails to complete. I’m embarrassed to admit the number of hours I’ve spent over the last week trying to find a way to run Doxygen against JUCE.

Has someone already figured out the trick? Or can someone share their Doxyfile such as the one used to generate the docs on I’d like to run it locally.


Nevermind, I found some old forum posts which led me to this:

Thanks for the heads-up, I’ll add a flag to make sure those modal functions get included in the docs.