Error Building In Vista+VC Express 2008?

Im trying to compile the win32 project example but getting the following error?

Im using latest tip, VC Express 2008,Vista. Also, what is juce_amalgamated?


Movies.h is a Quicktime file. In juce_AppConfig.h change the line
//#define JUCE_QUICKTIME 1
//#define JUCE_QUICKTIME 0

To disable QuickTime, or you could install the QuickTime SDK.

If you’d actually taken a look at that line in the source code, you’d have seen the big comment that I wrote, explaining what to do if you hit an error!

and in case people aren’t aware, you can double click on the errors in the error window, and it will take you to the place in the code where the error occurred… and, in this case, you would have seen the comment Jules mentions.

I’m a real weenie when it comes to compiling on Windows, so I may be a good “test subject”. But I wasn’t successful in building without Quicktime defined(I think it was that pesky Byte define that’s giving folks problems on the mac side).

Obviously it means downloading the Quicktime sdk and pointing Visual Studio to the headers / object libraries, but once I did that it worked great… (I think it got installed in \Programs\QuicktimeSDK[being a mac developer not where I expected it to be!])