Error writing to file


I’m completely new to JUCE and following the tutorial here but have already run into a problem. Note that I’m using it on Windows 10 and with the Personal license. I get the below error when I try to make a new project. Any idea why it can’t make the ReadMe file?:

i don’t think i entirely understand why you want a folder called test to be there. i would expect the project’s folder to only have builds, jucelibrarycode, source as folders and then test.jucer is the projucer file and that’s it. but it looks like test is a folder inside of a project folder structure and it contains the jucelibrarycode again? maybe you accidently tried to make a project in a project

usually it should be really simple. you just select the type of thing you want to make in the projucer, give it a name and select your projects folder and it will automatically create a subfolder with all of juce’s content, the projucer file and everything else in it and you can just hit create without the need to make any more folders. then you will be shown the files in the source folder and you can add your own stuff there if you want to

Hey, thanks for your reply. That folder’s just there because I had tried and failed in the same way before. If I delete it and do exactly as you say, clicking on GUI Application,
then typing a name into “Project Name”, which also changes the Folder in the below field

I wonder if the solution is somewhere among these. Though I was hoping someone here might know the answer so I could avoid having to try all 14 of them.

this is the usual folder structure. a folder where everything is in in documents. i called it JUCE.
then there is another JUCE folder in there which contains the JUCE repository so i can update it whenever i want. then there is Projects. when i make another project in the projucer i point it to the projects-path and it will make a subfolder in there that will have everything you need for this project. in this example HDL Audio Theia. then you see there appear different subfolders in there that were created by the projucer along with the jucer-file. btw if you wanted to make a repository of this or share your project with someone you only need the source folder and the jucer-file. the rest will be created by the projucer anyway when opening the project from it. then in the last folder you see the source files. some of the ones the projucer made in the beginning, but also a lot of header files i created myself.

i think your problem is that you try to make projects in a lot of different weird locations and now there is something confusing going on that just shouldn’t be there. can’t phrase it better, sry

Hey, I tried it with a layout like the one in your screenshot (Meine Systemsprache ist Japanisch, aber das heißt wie bei dir ,Dokumente>JUCE>projects") but I still get the same error:

I’d like to note that it does create the directory with some files- I just get that error about the README file. And just now I’ve tried to open the .projucer file with Projucer and it does open. I’ll see if I’m able to advance in the tutorial.

Hey selliotp! did you find what was wrong? i’ve got the same problem here…

ok that was coz of avast for me