Feature: Projucer should NOT open a second copy of Visual Studio if it's already opened one!

Drives me insane when I mistakenly press the Save and Open button when I already have Visual Studio open … waiting for the slow but inevitable error message to appear.

Any kind of fix would be fine. :slight_smile:

I like to have two different projects open at the same time so I can compare code in different plug-ins. How would it know it’s the same project and force a quit in VS? - and presuming that would be allowed in the future.
Having the Projucer not even realise when a resource has been updated is the real annoyance for me.

Yeah - we cannot break opening multiple projects. But I reckon there’s a way of detecting a project is open. Maybe VS takes out a lock or something.

I was going to post the exact same thing recently. I feel like it wasn’t always like this

Yeah - would love this aswell. It’s great on Mac when it just brings the current project to the front rather than re-opening. I’m guessing this might be an OS thing tho?

I think it’s always been like this.

Suspecting most of the juce developers are Mac fans otherwise this would have been fixed years ago :slight_smile:

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You can just press ‘ctrl-s’, or just ‘save’ from the file menu.
Then, when you go back to VS it’ll see the changes and ask it you want to ‘reload’ everything. This includes adding and removing resources.

Unless you have a source file open, in which case Ctrl+S only saves the document, not the project.
In that case you can use Ctrl+P to save the project.

@ daniel I sit corrected. :smiley:

Was more an addition than a correction :slight_smile:

Oh, sorry :grin:

Yeah, that’s what I do 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time I either:

  • Open a second copy of visual studio by accident
  • Inadvertently overwrite a source file by saving the editor