Font problems on OSX...latest tip

Just built the Juce demo on OSX 10.12. Typing into the code editor component shows no text at all. Browsing to open a file will open the file, but not show any text. Selecting the text will highlight some things, but still not show the text.

I guess I should consider embedding fonts into my binaries? It seems that using ‘default’ system fonts can lead to unwanted issues.

I see the same issue, also running on MacOS 10.12.

It seems the problem persists even when I use an embedded font.

OK really odd. Increasing the font size seems to fix it. We’ll investigate…

Thanks Fabian. I noticed that, and I also noticed a slight lag in typing that doesn’t manifest itself on other versions of OSX. But this might just be on my system.

Thanks for the report. This is now fixed on develop.

Thanks Fabian. That took care of the invisible font issue, but I’m still getting a strange lag when typing into the code editor from the JUCE demo. I did a screengrab for you. This is not something I’ve seen before, and only seems to happen with 10.12. Users of my software on older versions of OSX report the code editor to as responsive as always.

I don’t think this issue is fixed: it still occurs with some font and size combinations. To replicate, run ProJucer on macOS 10.12, use the Inconsolata font,and set the size to 12.0 in the ProJucer preferences. The code editor text disappears. In fact, if you scroll through various font sizes it seems that some work, and other don’t. Weird.

And the lag issue on macOS 10.12 mentioned above is still a problem. It seems that, when typing into the code editor - with any font, at any size - the most recent character is only repainted when the caret is repainted. This gives a weird laggy feeling where you’re not quite sure if the keypress was registered or not. Again, this can be easily reproduced in the ProJucer by editing any code file from within.

Any chance of a fix?

As an aside - more of an observation than anything else - this isn’t a problem when rendering the same font outside of the code editor. In the JuceDemo, for example, choosing Inconsolata in the Fonts demo and whipping through the various heights show that it renders correctly in all circumstances.

Inconsolata 12 works fine for me, and I’m pretty sure this is a bug that Fabian fixed a few weeks ago… You’re definitely using the tip of develop, right?

I am using the master tip: the fix was also added to the master, as far as I was aware. I’ll try with the develop branch and see what’s what.

Yes, it still occurs on my macOS 10.12 machine with the latest develop branch in the circumstances mentioned above.

OK, well I’m afraid I can’t reproduce that now, with any font or size…

OK, no problem. If you can’t reproduce, I’ll take a look myself, see if I can scooby-doo my way to the bottom of this mystery.