Getting started in august 2017 with Juce 5.1

Friendly greetings !

small intro :
I literally started yesterday with Juce.
I did some quick and dirty VST dev before that, using JSFX/ReajJS/Jesusonic/Geep-Jeez just to understand the basis of signal processing.

I also built & tested an hello world and noise generator VST with juce/projucer. It works <3
Thanks to online tutorials (both video & text) and documentation.

the big deal with new features :

Here is my problem, it’s a “simple” one (and therefore the most complicated to answer :smile: )
In projucer i see you can create gui component with a nice graphical interface.
I also noticed the new “DSP tools” feature.

It seems there is the “new way” of doing stuff and the “traditional way”.
The new way seems to be a way where everything is separated and possibly autogenerated by projucer, the traditional way is doing everything (or a lot of things) programmaticaly in visualstudio/xcode.

The majority of online beginner resources are, obviously, oriented on old release of Juce since 5.1 is very new.

I’m confused about how to organize stuff.

Should i create 1 gui component in projucer per, eg, slider ?
What about this new DSP tools thingy ? Should i care about it ?
Should i write my core algorithm (eg : 4 pole LP filter) directly in the processblock or should i create some kind of processor component/dsp module/something, then somehow call it from here ?

Well… I HAVE NO IDEA ! And here i am :blush:

i understand the parent/child relationship between processor and editor, and i’m assuming i understand the same relationship between the editor and its GUI component (i didn’t try yet so we’ll see).

I’m not a professional coder but i have 30+ year of experience in coding random stuff. (my github : ) so don’t be afraid to explain it the hardcore way. I know i’m asking for trouble but it’s just to avoid generic answer like “you should learn the basis of OOP first”.

I’ll find a way to deal with the small stuff, even if i have to read the juce source code, but the big picture of juce doesn’t have much explanation and i’d like to get started in less than a year by avoiding reading the whole juce code if possible :wink:

thank you very much for your attention, have a nice day.


EDIT : in the meantime i’m watching this :
EDIT2 : from what i read in VST example, everything is packed as much as possible in as few files a possible. Should i stick with this and also not use the GUI editor ?