HISE user new to JUCE. How to integrate JUCE licence before releasing a plugin built in HISE?

Hi all,

I’m brand new to the forum so please excuse the noob questions :joy:

I have a few plugins almost ready to release now that I’ve built using HISE.

I have my Apple Dev ID, and just signed up for the Personal JUCE licence (which I will upgrade shortly as soon as I know how to use it)

I’m wondering, once I upgrade my JUCE plan to ‘Indie’… before compiling my final builds of the plugins in HISE, what steps do I need to go through (if any) to integrate the JUCE licence into the HISE code so that I don’t have a ‘made with JUCE’ splash screen and so that it is legally registered and complying with JUCE terms?

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

(I’m mainly on MacOS High Sierra by the way, but also use Windows 10 just to make the Windows builds)