How can I run my jucer file?

Hello, I just followed the Audio Synth Tutorial (White Noise) and this is the first tutorial that I followed.
Now, I want to test the jucer file that I have just made.
However, I can’t find the way to execute the file.
The only files I got are MainComponent.h MainComponent.cpp and Main.cpp
I use Visual Studio Code 2020 version and I set my IDE for the tutorial following project as Visual Studio Code 2019.
When I pressed Debug button, launch.json file appeared. When I wrote the path of the jucer file after “program”: , VSC tells me that the file does not exist.

Can anyone help me, so that I can execute or at least check if the program works?
I use Fl Studio 20 as my DAW. If testing on DAW is only way, can you help me how I can test my jucer file on FL, because as I know the file type should be .dll in order to execute on DAW.

Thank you.

The Projucer does not support exporting projects to Visual Studio Code, it only supports the proper full Visual Studio IDE on Windows. You can get Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition for free from Microsoft.

(You can probably somehow set up Visual Studio Code to build Juce projects too, but it’s not a supported way to do things currently.)

And to clear up further confusion: The jucer file is no executable file format and therefore cannot be run. It‘s more or less a bunch of informations which describe your project structure. The Projucer is no IDE and there is no compiler included in JUCE. It works the following way:

  • The Projucer can generate project files for various IDEs from the jucer file
  • The IDE compiles the cpp files from your project into some executable format (may it be an .exe or .dll or other formats on non-Windows plattforms)
  • The resulting executable can then be executed / loaded as plugin in your DAW

If you have no clue what a compiler or an IDE is, you should start learning about that to understand what your are actually doing :slightly_smiling_face: